RX80m - APPENDIX A.pdf


ARDF - ARDF80 kits Build Session @SPARC - May 1st 2016 12:00pm - 5:00pm

Update (Apr-19-16)

New version of the construction manual: 



Update (Apr-04-16)

ARDF80m-MicroFox TX construction manual:


Update (Mar-28-16)

We are expecting the last parts early this week and hope to have the kits packaged Wednesday. If you have not provided us your call sign and fox ID # (1-5) for the transmitters, please do this ASAP, please contact Keith Witney ( (604) 475-5254).

The current plans are to start distributing kits at the following locations and times. If you are unsure of any amounts owing, please contact Keith Witney ( (604) 475-5254). It'd also be advisable to inform him that you are coming to one of the bellow distribution location. We will monitor 146.52 if you need help finding us.

NSARC Thursday March 31, 7 PM to 7:30; NSEM Office, 147 East 14th St. North Vancouver V7L 2N4, The most easterly door (closest to St Georges); by Keith VE7KW

NSARC Saturday April 2, noon to 1 PM; NSEM Office, 147 East 14th St. North Vancouver V7L 2N4, The most easterly door (closest to St Georges); by Keith VE7KW

VE7SCC Sunday April 3, 1 PM; Riverview Lands in Coquitlam follow the BCAS and/or SPARC signs; by Keith VE7KW

Langley Thursday April 7, 6:30-7:00 in the parking lot 6716-216 St Langley; by Les VA7OM or Keith VE7KW

Abbotsford Tuesday April 12; 6:30-7:00 in the parking lot, 14275 96th Avenue, Surrey; by Les VA7OM

Surrey Wednesday April 13; 6:30 – 7 pm from the PREOC 14275 96th Avenue, Surrey; by Les VA7OM

Delta Thursday April 14; 6:30 – 7:00 in the parking lot, North Delta Public Safety Building 11375 84 Ave, Delta V4C 2L9; by Dave VE7PKE

Update (Mar-16-16)

New version of the construction manual: version 3.0 - RETIRED


Update (Mar-15-16)

All 80m front and main board populated and tested. All good, ready to go. Earbuds and battery contacts are still on backorder.

About testing done:
- checked mosfet on-off switching
- checked current draw (typical 9.8 mA)
- set VFO to 3.55 - 3.60 MHz
- tuned the RF amplifier
- checked receiver sensitivity
- checked on-off function (font board)
- checked JFET voltages (front board)


Update (Mar-09-16)

We have 80m ARDF receiver boards arrived.

Kit Costs

Note that these “introductory prices” are being provided on a non-profit cost recovery basis to provide a way for people to try the sport with decent equipment

  • •Receiver $90
  • •Transmitter $10
  • •Assembly course $25

For the Receiver and Transmitter, we will require a 50% deposit. Delivery is expected to be 2 months.

To Order Contact Keith VE7KW (604) 475-5254

The receiver described in this document was developed by Les Tocko, VA7OM, with assistance from Joe Young, VE7BFK, to provide an inexpensive, simple receiver suitable for use by beginners in Amateur Radio Direction Finding (ARDF). While simple, the receiver performance is still quite adequate for use in formal ARDF competitions.


To achieve low cost, components were chosen that were either already on hand (free) or could be obtained at a discount. This choice also meant using a small printed circuit board with very small surface-mount parts so that several boards can be obtained on one minimum-cost board order.


80m Fox hunting Receivers - Presentation