Map: Watershed Park in North Delta

July 10 80m Foxhunt using the new Surrey transmitters ... Watershed park, Surrey

Meeting location: By Pinewood Elementary School. See this map:

Meeting time:

8AM - For those who are interested into seeing how 80m transmitters/foxes are synchronized and setup

9:30AM - For those who are coming to do only the fox-hunt ARDF part

10AM - Start of the fox-hunt.

12PM - Finish of the fox-hunt

5 foxes at 3.58 MHz and and one beacon at 3.56 MHz


"I would guess we had 10 participants (some with family members too), including a couple of new SARC members and ARDF first-timers. This was designed as a trial run for SARC’s foxhunt later in August. Most participants found 2 or more foxes, and the pros found all 5 despite that the foxes were well hidden and widely dispersed over Watershed Park. The RX and TX all worked as they should – hats off to Les for his impressive creations. SARC’s deployment team did their job for the very first time, and now know that the flags should be visible from the path (which they weren’t). Watershed Park on a sunny Saturday is very busy with walkers and bikers, so we need to avoid the more popular trails to avoid them (especially a few reckless bikers). We got many questions from walkers about what we were doing, and even one person expressed interest in joining the club once he was informed of the activity. When the event is over, best to use 2 people when retrieving the foxes to help with locating and also so visitors are less likely to wonder what a single guy is doing creeping around in the bushes. Thanks to Les VA7OM and Amel VA7KBA for organizing this event. We are looking forward to SARC’s “official” foxhunt on August 28th at Crescent Park in South Surrey.”



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