At: Gardner Park, Abbotsford, BC

Pre-Hunt Coaching, Registration & Instructions 1000 - 1100 (The use of 80 m ARDF equipment will also be demonstrated.)

Foxhunt commences at 1100.

To participate, you need a 80m ARDF receiver radio. However, if you are a beginner, or don’t have a radio, then come anyhow! You can be part of a more experienced team or we may have some spare equipment that you can use.


Bring your own lunch - for after the event.

We kindly ask everyone to RSVP to:

Paula Struhter: pstruthers @

Meeting place: Main parking lot – 2880 Livingstone Avenue. Beside Hwy #1 just east of Mt Lehman exit.

Gardner Park has a large parking lot, flush toilets and a covered picnic table area.

Map: Will be provided at the site by the organizer.



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